We are a few of you Chovis Gam residents.  Our motive is to remember our proud heritage and pass it on to the next generation.   All our efforts are directed to this end.  We are just proud Chovis Gam residents and have no hidden agenda.  ChovisGam Patidar Samaj of Chicago started a great tradition of compiling and publishing the basic information on each of the ChovisGam residents in the USA, UK and Canada.  Now with the technology what it is today some of us discussed the next step to what Chicago Samaj had started and here is our attempt.    Our goals are simple and will be published.  Remember they are just ideas of few and can be modified as required.  We welcome your suggestions and constructive criticism.   Come work with us lots of us have a lot to contribute.


We have dedicated this site to the memory Of “Kaka” Ishwarbhai Somabhai Patel of Davol.  Kaka inspired, motivated and facilitated the migration of Chovis Gam youth to USA in early sixties and seventies. Most of us in USA are direct or indirect beneficiaries of his selfless efforts.


Our first goal is to update the original directory publish by Chicago Samaj.  We have created a database from the information and published it online.  We urge the community to pass the word about the website and encourage your fellow gam members to update or add their information.   You will be able sort by country or state additional sorting can be added by popular demand. (Completed)


Second goal is to publish common interest items like the Progress of schools & the proposed hospital. (In progress)


Third goal is to setup a matrimonial page to facilitate communication between the chovis gam families. (In progress)