June 16, 2008

Dear Donor,


I am writing to update you on the current status of the Chovis Gam Sacchidanad Medical and Research Center project. Everybody is very excited and encouraged by the developments which have taken place with the hospital project over the past ten months. These developments could not have taken place without everybody’s generous time and financial contributions. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind those of you who have not yet contributed the funds that you pledged earlier, how important your timely contributions are to the success of this project.


At the time of my previous letter update of August 2007, we were attempting to resolve the Navi Sarat zoning issues surrounding the fifteen-acre plot of farmland on Singlav Road in Borsad. As of this date, we are waiting for the Indian government officials to resolve the zoning issues for this land parcel. We are hoping that this resolution will take place in the near future.


In the meantime we have begun the operation of a hospital facility in the modified girls’ dormitory building on the grounds of the Excellent English Medium School in Vehera, Gujarat. The hospital is called Shraddha Hospital. The opening ceremony for Shraddha Hospital was held on January 4, 2008. This ceremony was well-attended by numerous NRI’s and local Indian government officials. Among the government officials present was the Honorable Health Minister Jay Narayan Vyas.


Shraddha Hospital facility consists of 30 beds. Its amenities include state-of-the-art operating rooms, a spacious reception area, several consultation rooms, an Intensive Care Unit, labor and delivery unit, and an ambulance, which is being used as a medical van.  The medical van is staffed by a physician and nurse, and equipped with medications and basic medical equipment. This van makes regular weekly trips to the 24-gam villages, to provide primary care. Shraddha Hospital also has a fully-equipped medical laboratory on the hospital premises. In addition to the lab, we have a portable X-ray unit, for basic X-ray imaging.


The hospital is staffed by two qualified M.B.B.S. primary care physicians, a gynecologist and surgeon. Additional staff includes a head nurse, nine assistant nurses, an X-ray technician, and lab technicians.  I myself am continuing to provide surgical services. We are currently in the process of hiring an internist, pediatrician, and orthopedic specialist, so that we may provide a broader range of services. In addition to the medical staff, we have janitorial and environmental personnel, to ensure regular and rigorous upkeep of the hospital facility.


In March 2008, we held a free diagnostic camp, where we offered a wide variety of routine lab tests and X-rays, and distributed necessary medications. On June 15, 2008, we also hosted a free diagnostic camp for women’s health. More than one thousand patients received basic health care through these two camps.


To date, the hospital has provided inpatient and outpatient care to more than four thousand patients from the surrounding villages. We have performed more than 50 major and minor surgical procedures at our facility. We anticipate a greater patient load in the near future, as people become aware of our facility and the services it offers.


Although the hospital project has made great strides over the past few months, there is still much work to be completed. Our current priority is to acquire the equipment necessary to provide the most up-to-date medical care for our patients. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, the following: a colored Doppler ultrasound machine, laporascopic surgical equipment, an updated X-ray machine, computer hardware and software, endoscopy and colonoscopy equipment, and orthopedic  surgical equipment.


At this point, the projected (minimum) expense for some of the above equipment is about 50 lakh rupees. We are in urgent need of these funds and beseech you to follow through with your contribution pledges as soon as possible. Your generosity has already made it possible to enable the opening and operation of the hospital. Your continued generosity will enable us to fully equip the hospital, and take the project to the next stage. Having the proper and most up-to-date medical equipment is essential to the continued success of the project.


Thank you for your support. I am currently in the United States until July 20, 2008. If anybody has any questions or concerns regarding the hospital project before then, please feel free to contact me directly at (440) 748-1289 (home) or at (440) 452-4270 (cell). My phone numbers is India are 011-91-2692-232633 (home) and 011-91-2696-223333 (Vehera Hospital). You can also reach me at email address: papatel43@gmail.com



Paresh Patel



Please remit your donations to Chovis Gam Sacchidanand Medical & Research Center, Inc. (CGSM&RC Inc). 15210 Rockdale Bridge Lane Sugar Land TX. 77478