Am I in the database?


If your name was in the original Chovisgam publication from Chicago then you are in the database.


Who is considered a dependant?

Generally your unmarried children or retired parents. Your married children should be input as members even though they live with you.


How do I change my information?


If you are already in the database please use the update feature to correct the information.  First use the Basic search to find your member Id.  Then use the Update link and enter your Id click the search button. First part Update member form with your current information will come up.  Change the information as appropriate.  Change the number of dependants to the right number (look at the dependant definition).  Once all the information on this form is updated click continue button you will get the second part of the update form.  Here you need to update your spouse’s information as well as your dependants.  For each dependant listed you have choice of keeping the record or removing it by selecting the appropriate in the Record/ Field for each dependant.  Finally click the Update button.


I am not in the database what do I do?


From the member area click the Add New Member link.   Add New Member form will be displayed.  Enter all the appropriate information.  Note while counting number of dependants do not include your spouse in the count.  Then click continue button and second part of the form will be displayed.  Here you enter spouse and dependant info. Once all the info is entered click the Add button.  You will see a thank you screen with the info entered.


When will I see the updated info?

You should see the update in a day or two.  If you have entered your email address then we will send you an email when the update happens.